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These are a few of our favorite recipes for you to enjoy. Toddi Time Recipe Tips: Good, clear ice makes a huge difference. Sugar, salt or spice rims add a special kick. And, a cute glass is a perfect finishing touch.

Toddi Rum Spice

Combining Toddi Lemon Lime Vodka with dark rum adds a depth to this delicious cocktail. And with the combination of apple juice and pumpkin pie spice, you can make all the PSL folks jealous knowing your drink is superior and so much more fun! Drink up, y’all!

Hot Buttered Toddi

Buttery, brown-sugary, cinnamon and vanilla deliciousness…this is great as an after dinner drink or even for brunch!

Fall Cape Cod

A fall twist on a vodka classic. Mix up a batch to share with your family and friends and enjoy the taste of fall. Drink up, y’all!

Fizzy Ginger Pom

Grab a big bottle of Pom juice for this one. It’s good for a group and the extra pom juice and ginger beer can be served to the littles!

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