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It’s not our fault. We grew up in a big Texas family that used almost any excuse as cause for celebration. Our hometown is known for kinda the same thing — if it could be turned into a party, it was. We got into the habit of saying: Drink Up, Y’all! Creating Toddi was a natural progression. We envisioned friends enjoying our cocktails at all kinds of festivities — from there we worked hard to create a superior beverage that will complement everything from the most raucous revelry right down to a quiet evening at home.

No matter where you call home, or home away from home, our wish is that when it’s Toddi Time, y’all will partake.

We grew up in the picturesque Texas Hill Country. As identical twins who are also loud, we have always been unforgettable (usually in a good way). We lived in New Braunfels but spent many weeks of the years between our family farm in Stonewall and the mountains of West Texas. But no matter where we were, when 5 o’clock rolled around, the adults would announce, “It’s Toddi Time,” which meant cocktails and music on the limestone porch underneath a sprawling pecan tree. It was the best time of day. Still is.


We want y’all to unplug.

Disconnect with your phone, crank up the music and connect with those around you. That phone will always be there, so let it go take a nap.

Our Toddi Time challenge is this:

Wherever you are, be there.


And, as always, Drink Up, Y’all!

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