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These are a few of our favorite recipes for you to enjoy. Toddi Time Recipe Tips: Good, clear ice makes a huge difference. Sugar, salt or spice rims add a special kick. And, a cute glass is a perfect finishing touch.


La Chancla

IYKYK — if you don’t, a chancla is Spanish for “sandal” or “flip-flop.” This drink takes you back to when your mom would pull off her chancla and swat you if you were acting up. Allison and I received lots of La Chancla as kids. Our Toddi La Chancla will provide a different kind of butt-whoopin’. You may (or may not) want to share La Chancla with a friend. Drink up, y’all!

Toddi Strawberry Lemon Slush

This one is another childhood favorite that we’ve turned into a frosty adult beverage. It serves four people and goes quickly — you don’t want it to melt! Drink up, y’all!

Toddi Popsicle Spritzer

This is one of our favorite recipes. It combines our delectable Toddi Strawberry Lemon RTD and Toddi Lemon Lime Vodka and finishes with a tasty strawberry popsicle. Y’all have to try this one!

Toddi Vanilla Coconut Zinger

Lime, coconut and Toddi Vanilla Cream Vodka…bam! This is a smooth cocktail with a little zing from the fresh lime. Go the extra step to zest some lime into your rimming salt. Drink up, y’all!

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