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These are a few of our favorite recipes for you to enjoy. Toddi Time Recipe Tips: Good, clear ice makes a huge difference. Sugar, salt or spice rims add a special kick. And, a cute glass is a perfect finishing touch.


White Christmas

When you’re in a hurry, this 2-ingredient festive cocktail provides a zing to Toddi Time!

Candy Cane Martini

No flavor says Christmas quite like peppermint! Enjoy the taste of the holidays in this deliciously smooth vanilla mint cocktail.

Mrs. Claus’ Cocktail

No one talks about Mrs. Claus and all the hard work she puts in behind the scenes, but we all know Santa couldn’t do what he does without her! Sit back, relax and enjoy Mrs. Claus’ signature cocktail.

The Grinch

If you’re feeling particularly Grinchy, you need this bright green melon-flavored Toddi!

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