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These are a few of our favorite recipes for you to enjoy. Toddi Time Recipe Tips: Good, clear ice makes a huge difference. Sugar, salt or spice rims add a special kick. And, a cute glass is a perfect finishing touch.


Drunken Gummy Bears

Drunken Gummy Bears are the life of the party—adorable gummy bears that have soaked up Toddi Vanilla Cream Vodka for a chewy, boozy, and irresistibly fun treat. Think of them as little party animals that bring both sweetness and a kick!

Toddi Popsicle Spritzer

This is one of our favorite recipes. It combines our delectable Toddi Strawberry Lemon RTD and Toddi Lemon Lime Vodka and finishes with a tasty strawberry popsicle. Y’all have to try this one!

Toddi Tailgate Mimosa

The Toddi Tailgate Mimosa is your classic brunch cocktail with a tailgating twist, featuring a refreshing blend of Toddi Lemon Lime Vodka, orange juice, and bubbly champagne or prosecco.

The Nosy Cow

The Nosy Cow is a versatile and indulgent cocktail that blends Toddi Vanilla Cream Vodka with your choice of Coke, all elevated by a luxurious drizzle of heavy cream. It's a creamy, fizzy, and customizable delight that's as curious as its name suggests.

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