These are a few of our favorite recipes for you to enjoy. Toddi Time Recipe Tips: Good, clear ice makes a huge difference. Sugar, salt or spice rims add a special kick. And, a cute glass is a perfect finishing touch.


Toddi Green Apple

“Friday Drink” alert! This is one of our creations for when you don’t have time for a lot of pieces and parts — simple with just a few ingredients! If you loved Jolly Rancher candy as a kid (we still do!), this is for you!

Mango Mint

The simple cocktail comes together pretty quickly. It’s sweet with a cool, smooth finish!

Leisurely Watermelon Lime

Tangy and super fresh-tasting little drink! This gives you several options for how to make this your signature Toddi!

Toddi Cherry Lime

You don’t have to go hit your local drive-in to indulge in a sweet-tart cherry limeade. This is like your favey cherry limeade with a bonus!