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Toddi Michelada


Toddi Michelada

This Michelada is the brainchild of my husband (Allison), Doug. The idea behind it is to basically have two drinks in one so you don’t have to keep going inside to make another drink. So, mix up a big ol’ Micheloddi and head out to the pool!


8-10 min




  • 1 12 oz Modelo

  • 2 oz Toddi Vodka (Small Batch or Lemon Lime)

  • 8-12 oz Clamato (depending on your taste)

  • 1 oz pickle juice, Juice of half a lime

  • Crystal's hot sauce to taste

  • Dash of Worcestershire

  • Healthy sprinkle of Tajin

  • Dash of celery salt


You'll want to mix this in a 32 oz mug so you can add a lot of can use a large glass with a handle or an insulated cup.

Fill cup with ice. Add all the ingredients in the order listed and gently stir to mix the spices. You can use whatever beer, hot sauce, tomato juice (zing zang, spicy V8), spice combo (Chupacabra, Tajin, or even Tony Chachere's) and salt source (kosher, soy sauce) - play with it to find the level of ingredients and spice that you like. Add fun garnishes and make it your own!

The addition of vodka will sneak up on……moderation!

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